Mad Men

A 75-minute recital project with baritone Alan Dunbar centralized  around men who are crazy, delusional and flat-out psychopathic.

Let the dreadful engines of eternal will Purcell/Britten
Heard in a Violent Ward David Evan Thomas
Don Quichotte à Dulcinée Maurice Ravel
Four Settings of Ernst Schulze Franz Schubert
Kung Eriks visor Ture Rangström
Pharaoh Songs Libby Larsen

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Program includes four languages, and works by two living composers, as well as standard repertoire. Recital features settings of letters by the writer John Clare during his residency in the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum, Schubert’s settings of poet Ernst Schulze, a known stalker of two sisters, a Swedish cycle about a King who goes mad with a combination of power and jealousy, and Libby Larsen’s newly-commissioned cycle for the artists. 

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